Nectarine Fantasia - WINTER DELIVERY



A large yellow flesh freestone nectarine.  Excellent flavour.

Habit:  4 metres tall by 4 metres wide

Maturity:  Mid Season

Pollinators:  self fertile

Tree Requirements: Full sun.  Moist but well drained soil.  They do not like poorly drained soils.  Treat clay with gypsum prior to planting and build a mound for the nectarine to be planting on top of.

Autumn maintenance: Once the tree has lost all of its leaves, rake them up and dispose of them.  Apply ag lime to the base of the tree and spray with lime sulphur.

Spring maintenance: Lime sulphur spray needs to occur at least twice throughout the winter months.  Lime sulphur will burn leaves so apply well before bud swell and at bud swell.  Bud swell occurs throughout August but can occur at different times from year to year depending on the season. 

Pruning Requirements: Nectarines produce readily on new wood.  Establish an open vase shaped framework branches within the first two years of plant establishment.  After framework has been established, regular pruning may need to occur to take out any cross branches as necessary as well as keeping the tree to a height where picking fruit can occur easily. 

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