Figs Brown Turkey - WINTER DELIVERY



A brown skin, pink flesh fig with rich flavour. 

Habit: 4 metres tall by 4 metres wide

Pollinator: Self fertile

Site Requirements: Fig trees are an easy to grow tree, although are slower to grow in the New England compared to warmer areas.   Fig trees require a full sun position and protected from strong winds as their branches are brittle.  Figs are drought tolerant though lack of water will obviously affect fruit production.  Figs do not like wet feet, growing figs in pots is a great option, as long as regular feeding occurs.  Figs do not ripen off the tree so pick them when you need them.  

Pruning requirements:  Figs produce fruit on their first year wood and start second year crop before first year has finished ripening.  You can see tiny dormant fruit on the bare branches over winter.  Give a light trim in winter to stimulate new growth for subsequent fruiting but leave some old wood on the tree for the initial crop.

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