Using Baking Soda in Your Garden! August 24 2016

One thing we love doing at Cedar Nursery is using natural remedies and products that our grandparents would have recognised.

One product that most of us have in our cupboards is baking soda. Obviously baking soda is great for making our cakes rise, but it also has lots of uses and functions in the garden. Some of these include:

* add baking soda to a sample of soil in your garden. If you end up with a bubbling mixture this means that your soil is acidic. ...
* sprinkle baking soda around paving or around garden beds where you don't want grass to grow.
* use baking soda with a mix of water to clean your indoor plants
* sprinkle baking soda on your compost to eradicate any odour
*use it to clean pots
* sprinkle it around your tomato plants to harvest even sweeter tomatoes.